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At Coast2Coast Energy, you are sure to find Energy saving products to fit any and all budgets. All of our products are backed with manufacturer warranties by some of the strongest companies in America.


Welcome to Coast2Coast Energy. We are a family run organization that is passionate about reducing energy consumption and saving the environment. We are proud to offer American made products.

Our Events

We specialize in energy seminars held weekly throughout the west coast. If you'd like to learn how we can lower your energy consumption please call us toll free at 1-800-828-0608.


AeroFoam Insulationprod1

Aerofoam Insulation is a combination of closed cell polyethylene foam with two outer layers of 99% pure aluminum. AeroFoam is an insulation that will last a lifetime, backed by a lifetime guarantee! Aerofoam literally stops 97% of radiant heat transfer while reducing convection and conduction. After installing AeroFoam there is no need to ever insulate again.


Nansulate Coatingsprod2

Nansulate coatings is a nano technology that allows you, the homeowner to insulate areas in a home that could not be otherwise insulated. Common examples include: walls, vaulted ceilings, and flat roofs. It comes in an eggshell white which blends into 99% of all interior ceilings, and can also be offered in a clear coat for wood finishes.


LED Lightingprod3 prod4

At Coast2Coast, we are home to the 23 year light bulb. Our LED’S are mfg by Matrix, parent company to Tonka Trucks. Other LED companies state their bulbs should last up to 20 years. We put our money where are mouth is, and we are proud to offer the best warranty in the market. Our LED bulbs are being installed in fortune 500 companies such as Costco and McDonalds. Ask one of our sales associates why this is the most economical way to light your home.



Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters are the most efficient and economical way to heat water. Averaging $16 per year cheaper than a tankless system and easier to install. Our Hybrid water heater is more that twice the efficiency of a gas water heater and almost 80% less expensive to run than an Electric water heater. Ask one of our sales associatesprod5 what model is right for you and as little as 30 minutes you can save as much as 80% on your water heating bills forever!



Solar Ventilatorsprod7

Coast2Coast Energy ONLY offers the #1 rated fan in the world. Not only are we four times more efficient than a solar fan purchased from Home
Depot or Lowes, our fans offer a 25 yr. warranty (longest warranty on the market). Our fans are German engineered and American made!